2018 Spring Fundraiser

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We will be selling World’s Finest Chocolate candy bars for this year’s fundraiser. These candy bars come in variety packs of 60 individual bars. Boxes include the flavors milk chocolate, dark chocolate, caramel, crisp, and almond.

Important Information

  • Candy Bars will be available to students on Friday, March 2.
  • The sale ends on Friday, March 23.
  • Parents must complete an order form before any candy bars will be given to students.
  • Any open box must be paid for in full – returns will not be permitted if the box has been opened.
  • All money must be turned in by the end of the sale. Any outstanding orders will be billed to the school account.
  • All prizes will be awarded on Friday, March 23 during our school rally. Parents are welcome to attend.
  • Families are permitted to combine all participating student’s sales to work for larger prizes.


The following PDF was sent home with students:

2018 Spring Fundraiser Brochure

Our Goal

is to raise $15,000 this Spring Fundraiser.

If every family in our school will sell at least 4 boxes of candy bars, we will meet our goal!

Our Purpose

is to raise the money to take our classroom education to an entirely new level as we introduce a 1:1 Chromebook environment for our high school beginning next school year. This new program will allow access to digital textbooks, enhanced student/teacher communications, and a modern digital classroom flow. We are excited to pilot the program in our high school and work to launch it to other divisions as well.

Our teachers have already been equipped with this technology, and now we are ready to bring it to our students. We will use our fundraiser to purchase a new Chromebook device for each high school student and upgrade our school network to handle the workload.

Another need of our school is to upgrade our outside playground equipment. Currently, our swings and slides are in need of repair before the spring season comes. We will be replacing all of our swings with new chains and seats that are designed for safety and fun. Likewise, our slides will be replaced with new units so our kids will have a place to enjoy the outside. Both our preschool and elementary grades will benefit from and enjoy this needed update.


Class Prizes

  • 30 boxes – Trade a class period for recess
  • 75 boxes – Ultimate Class Party
  • 175 boxes – Limo Experience / Party for up to 12

Individual Prizes*

*More details given in PDF above

3 boxes

  • Denim & Spirit Wear Pass
  • Homework Pass for a day of no homework
  • Your choice of certain Great Toys
    • Shopkins
    • Marvel Action Figure
    • Mickey Mouse Friends
    • Colored Pencils
    • Hot Wheels
    • Minion Balloons
  • $5 Cash Prize

5 boxes

  • Movie Time
  • Choice of game
    • Wilson Youth Football
    • CraZloom: Ultimate Rubberband Loom
    • Pie Face Game
  • $15 iTunes gift card

8 boxes

  • Pizza & Movie
  • Choice of Greater Toys
    • Indoor/Outdoor Basketball
    • RC Car
    • Nerf Gun
    • Lego Friends Set
    • Giant Stuffed Animal

12 boxes

  • $50 Stub Hib gift card
  • Sky Viper Stunt Drone
  • 7″ Amazon Fire Tablet
  • All costs paid for Camp Berean. (Jr Camp or Teen Camp)

15 boxes

  • Free School Lunch for a month
  • $65 Amazon gift card
  • Six Flags Free pass for when the school takes our annual trip
    Medieval Times Free pass to be used independently

20 boxes

  • $100 off BBCS school registration for 2018-2019 school year
  • Earn $200 for senior trip of summer missions trip
  • 2 – Six Flags Free passes for when the school takes our annual trip
    2 – Medieval Times Free passes to be used independently.

25 boxes

  • Local Airplane tour of Rockford
  • Electric hoverboard
  • Season Pass to Sapora Playworld Rockford.

40 boxes

  • Chromebook
  • Nintendo 2DS XL
  • Earn $500 for senior trip of summer missions trip

50 boxes

  • Xbox One S OR Nintendo Switch OR PS4
  • Save 50% off your regular month tuition for 1 month.



Questions or Coments please contact Mr. Stalions.

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