2023-2024 Tuition And Fees

As a not-for-profit ministry of Berean Baptist Church, Berean Baptist Christian School seeks to provide the highest quality education at the lowest possible cost. With the low amount of debt on our school’s campus, we are able to focus tuition dollars on recruiting and retaining highly qualified teachers whose passion is to educate and to train children in the way they should go.

Registration and the first month’s tuition payment must be made before a student can start school. K3 & K4 tuition is split up into 9 monthly payments with the first payment on September 1. K5-12th grade tuition is split up into 10 monthly payments with the first tuition payment on August 1. This allows the 10th payment to be made on May 1.

Please note that the Tuition and Fees are for this year and that fees may change for the next school year.

>Registration is non-refundable and due before students begin school.
>A $50 late fee will be applied to Registration after August 10.
Registration Per Student
Kindergarten Student$450(Includes Graduation Fee)
High School Student$550(Includes Chromebook Insurance)
Senior Student$700(Includes Graduation Fee)
All Other Students$400
*Additional fees are applied for Extended Day for Half-Day Preschool students and all K5-12th Grade students.
>Save $20 per month for each additional preschool child.
K3-K4 Preschool/Daycare Tuition
1 Half Day Student$3,150*(9 Monthly Payments of $350)
1 Full Day Student$4,950(9 Monthly Payments of $550)
K5-12th Grade Tuition
1 Student$4,150*(10 Monthly Payments of $415)
2 Students$7,650*(10 Monthly Payments of $765)
3 Students$10,600*(10 Monthly Payments of $1,060)
4 Students$11,750*(10 Monthly Payments of $1,175)
5 Students$12,900*(10 Monthly Payments of $1,290)
  • Sports Fee – $100 (Per Sport)
  • Lab Fee – $25
  • Band Fee – $30
  • Home Economics – $25
  • Extended Day– $15 per child per day with a monthly maximum
  • Lunch – $5 day (Additional Menu Items Available)
  • Yearbook – Yearbooks go on sale in the spring and are not covered in the registration fee
  • Damaged/Lost Textbooks – Students will pay for textbooks that are lost or damaged beyond normal use

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