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HS HallwayHigh School Science

The 9th-grade Physical Science class presents the universe as the direct creation of the God of the scriptures and refutes the man-made idea of evolution. Further, it presents God as the great Designer and Lawgiver, without Whom the evident design and laws of nature would be inexplicable. Science is presented as one way that man can fulfill the Genesis command to subdue the earth and exercise dominion over it. Areas of foundational study include meteorology, physics, chemistry, geology, and electronics.

Biology is a class which emphasizes man as a direct creation by God for His pleasure, honor, and glory. It begins with a look at the science of life and stresses the relationship between God and science. It then moves into the science of organisms (beginning with classification, then through simple organisms (protozoans) to mammals and birds.) It ends with the study of man. Along the way, looks are taken at genetics, evolution, and chemistry.

In Chemistry, students will develop models that describe why atoms and molecule form chemical bonds. They will be introduced to chemical formulas, types of chemical reactions, simple procedures for balancing chemical equations and how to use calculations based on chemical formulas and equations.

High School History

Our high school history/social studies program includes U.S. Government & Constitution, World Geography, U.S. History & Geography, World History, and Economics. Every student takes every subject during his four years of high school. The emphasis and foundation are in seeing history as “HIS-STORY”, and a record of how God has dealt with nations and individuals according to their response to His Word/Son. Traditional “AMERICANISM” values are lifted, such as truth, patriotism, courage, the Puritan work ethic, etc.

The Christian foundation of America and the obvious blessing of God upon this nation are pointed out. Awareness of key historical and current geographical countries/cities are learned. Timelines, maps, charts, reports, and knowledge of the STOCK MARKET and how it works are all part of the Social Studies curriculum.

High School Bible

Our high school Bible program includes the following courses:

  • 9 – The Inner Man
  • 10 – The Life of Christ
  • 11 – Proverbs
  • 12 – Discover Your Destiny

Each class stresses the importance of living a consistent daily life, devoted to Jesus Christ.

High School English & Speech

Developing good communication skills in our students is the goal of the English and speech classes. Clear, concise instruction in the use of standard English is given, offering much practice in grammar and usage. The skills learned help students in the preparation of themes, book reports, and research papers throughout the school year.

The speech class offers students the opportunity of learning public speaking. Instruction and guidance are given to aid students in developing persuasive speeches, maintaining voice control, and overcoming fear. Speech topics include everything from planned to impromptu, serious to humorous. Complete drama presentations have also been an exciting outlet for students to practice ideas learned in class. Full costumes, make-up, and lighting make these presentations enjoyable for students and audience alike.

High School Literature & Composition

Literature and composition are a major part of junior and senior English classes. Believing that readers are leaders, all high school students are continually reading from a selected list of wholesome literary classics. We are convinced that reading, and especially a love for reading, will carry over and result in a positive marked improvement in all other subjects, in addition to the intrinsic value of a broadened field of knowledge and experience.

Composition and poetry are a regular part of the week’s curriculum in upper high school. Juniors and seniors will memorize over a dozen classic poems; they will write themes themselves, learning how to develop basic and creative writing skills and to express themselves clearly and effectively.

High School Spanish

Presently we are offering Spanish in our high school. The four skills of language learning – listening, speaking, reading, and writing – are taught in conjunction with each other. Dialogues, vocabulary, Scripture verses, grammar, and conjugation are all part of the weekly schedule. Students should be able to meet basic survival needs and courtesy requirements, ask and answer questions, and perform certain functions with the language, including an ability to describe and relate things relating to family, church, school, and sports.

High School Computer Science

The computer lab is available to all BBCS students. Each student from kindergarten through twelfth grade has the opportunity to use the lab, whether through a computer class or using the lab to complete homework assignments or a particular project. An elementary computer lab enables students to learn a variety of new skills applicable to both computer science and classroom work. Middle school students (8th Grade) take an introductory class in keyboarding to enable them to do activities ranging from letter writing to planning and taking a survey. High school students take Computer I as freshmen, with an emphasis on Office software. Computer Applications as sophomores. All students have the opportunity to do research in the high school computer lab.

High School Math

Each high school student is required to take three years of math. Courses offered are Algebra I, Geometry, Algebra II, and Advanced Math. Physics is also offered, giving students the opportunity to apply math in the area of science.

High School Band/Vocal

Berean Christian School provides many opportunities to participate in vocal and instrumental music. Students in grades one through six meet once a week for classroom instruction, not only in singing but also in basic theory. A recorder method is used in grades three and four as an introduction to playing a band instrument.

The band program was started in 1986 and now consists of 5th-grade beginner band, 6th-grade intermediate band, and a combined high school level band for those in grades seven through twelve. An established vocal program includes jr. high and sr. high choirs and various smaller ensembles. Our band, choirs, and individual students represent Berean and compete with other students from other Christian schools in Illinois at the Academic and Fine Arts Tournament. It is the goal of the music teachers at Berean to train musicians who will use their talents in the music ministries of their local church.

Miss Rachel Kratzer6th Homeroom (1st Quarter)
Mrs. Lauren Swanson6th Homeroom (Beginning 2nd Quarter)
Mr. Jonathan Bhasme7th Homeroom
Mrs. Megan Alberts
8th Homeroom
Dr. George Wood9th Homeroom
Dr. Angela Wood10th Homeroom
Mrs. Savannah Bhasme11th Homeroom
Mrs. Alicia Weldon12th Homeroom
Mr. Timothy WeldonJH/HS Principal
Mrs. Terri Christians
ASL and Tutoring
Mr. Elisha SwansonJH/HS Choir

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