Middle School

The Middle School of Berean Baptist Christian Schools is a time of transition for students in the sixth through the eighth grades. It is a time where students learn to be more responsible for their time, work and belongings. They go from a predominately one room, one teacher setting to an hourly change of location, subject and quite often the teacher. This transitional time prepares them for the hectic pace of a high school class schedule.

It is a time of maturing physically, mentally, academically, emotionally, and most of all spiritually. The Middle School attempts to maintain a structured environment to enable the students to learn but allows students to express their own individuality in their work.

Our Middle School strives to instill in each of our students Biblical principles for everyday life, and this is accomplished through Bible classes and chapel services each day. Visiting evangelists, pastors, and faculty share their hearts with the students.

Each student is required to carry a minimum core class schedule of English, literature, history, math, science, physical education, and Bible. Each student participates in choir and has the opportunity to be in band. Home-economics and computer science are also available in the seventh and eighth grades. Our Middle School also offers students an opportunity to compete in athletics such as basketball, volleyball, soccer, and baseball.

Middle School Math

The Middle School math program of Berean Baptist Christian School is designed to prepare students for their high school mathematics classes, as well as to prepare them for everyday application of the principles and concepts learned. Each operation; addition, subtraction, multiplication, and division is thoroughly taught as it applies to natural numbers, whole numbers, integers, rational and irrational numbers, fractions, and decimals.

Students are taught basic concepts of ratios, statistics, geometry, and algebra in preparation for future advancement. Story problems are broken down into basic ingredients to enable each student to grasp the ability to find solutions. Biblical illustrations and principals are taught, as God often used math to express his perfect will to individuals. We believe math to be an important requirement of each student’s academic career, and as such, we strive to give each student the opportunity to learn in a Christ-centered environment.

Middle School Bible

Our middle school Bible program includes the following courses:

  • 6 – Winning The Race
  • 7 – Wise Up
  • 8 – Route 66

Each class stresses the importance of living a consistent daily life, devoted to Jesus Christ.

Middle School English and Literature

Communication through language is a gift from God. In English and literature, our goal is to develop the use of the English language through oral and written exercises. From the middle school grades (six-eight) through high school, the level of difficulty increases as students work with the parts of speech and sentence structure. Book reports in all grades put to use what the students learn grammatically. A major project in sixth grade is the student’s first major research paper. These projects are developed step-by-step to form a basis for research writing. More composition writing is stressed in the upper grades. The Bob Jones curriculum is used for grammar and A Beka for literature. In literature, reading comprehension is stressed as well as good oral expression. Our literature books contain a variety of authors and writing styles. Novels, by various authors, are also used as a part of the literature curriculum. The desired product is a student who can express himself well orally and through the written page.

Middle School History

History in the Middle School covers a wide range starting from the creation of the world to the present. Besides history, geography is also taught in the different grades. Our sixth graders are learning about the countries in the Eastern Hemisphere. The sixth-grade history class uses the Bob Jones curriculum. In the seventh and eighth grades, an emphasis is put more on the history of the world. The seventh graders take a broad view of the history of many countries in Europe, Asia, and Africa. The eighth grade concentrates their studies on the founding and building of the United States. Geography is interwoven throughout both the seventh and eighth grades. Various projects are incorporated into each of the classes including reports, maps, and oral presentations. Each class is based on the Word of God. It is our desire that many Biblical principles be taught in each class so that the students will not make the same mistakes others have made in the past.

Middle School Science

Middle school students enjoy studying science and are thrilled to see the plan of God as it is revealed in His orderly creation. The sixth-grade text, Observing God’s World, provides a solid foundation in science which is soundly based on the Word of God and Christian principles. This text fascinates students by presenting things that they can see, observe and understand in the world around them. Students learn about a vast variety of invertebrates. They study the plant kingdom, learning to recognize a number of plant families and many common trees as they make a leaf collection of the trees in their local environment. As they delve into the wonders of the earth, they learn about such topics as magnetism, volcanoes, earthquakes, caves and the formation and classification of rocks. The study of space teaches students to recognize many well-known constellations, introduces them to the concepts of light and motion, and acquaints them with the space program. A chapter about matter makes this concept concrete as it is related to everyday objects and occurrences. Activities, demonstrations, projects and research activities give students a hands-on understanding of scientific principles and developing thinking skills.

The seventh and eighth-grade science classes are both general science courses. The seventh grade is a basic life biology, discussing animal and plant life and the conditions which support their life. Also included in this course is a study of magnets and magnetism, electrons and electricity, radio and television, and a study of science and God’s laws for the physical universe. The eighth-grade science class covers three basic units: 1. The science of astronomy (basic concepts, space) 2. simple concepts of physics (machines, motion, and heat) 3. chemistry and physics in human biology.

Mrs. Lauren Swanson6th Homeroom
Mrs. Megan Alberts
8th Homeroom
Dr. George Wood9th Homeroom
Dr. Angela Wood10th Homeroom
Mrs. Savannah Bhasme11th Homeroom
Mrs. Alicia Weldon12th Homeroom
Mr. Timothy WeldonJH/HS Principal
Mrs. Terri Christians
ASL and Tutoring
Mr. Elisha SwansonJH/HS Choir

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