Chromebooks at BBCS

BBCS has started a 1:1 Chromebook initiative in grades 9-12.  BBCS will be implementing a 1:1 program and has purchased a device for every High School student.  Parents are not required to purchase a device for their students. 1:1 means that every student will have the same device.  After much research and product testing, we have chosen to use the Asus C300S Chromebook.

Chromebooks account for more than half the mobile devices shipped to schools and over half of the classroom devices in the US.  Some of the reasons we chose this device include:

    • The Chromebook gives students the best tool for creating homework and assignments.
    • The Chromebook is the most easily managed and monitored device.
    • The Chromebook is one of the most cost-effective tools available.
    • The Chromebook is future-proof and is updated with the newest version regularly at no cost.
    • The Chromebook has an operating system that is extremely secure.
  • The Chromebook will work seamlessly with Google Apps for Education.

We are pleased to implement GoGuardian filtering on your child’s school-issued device wherever or however they access the internet.

Each family will be required to purchase insurance for each device.  This insurance cost is included in Registration fees. There will be no deductible charged on claims. The insurance covers accidental damage (drops, cracked screens, liquid spills), liquid submersion, theft, fire or flood, vandalism, natural disasters, and power surges due to lightning.

Students will be issued their Chromebook at the beginning of each school year. In order to receive a Chromebook, the following steps must occur:

  • Students and parents must purchase insurance through the school to cover accidental damage to their device. This cost is included in Registration fees.   Chromebook Insurance Policy

Of particular concern to some families is the use of eTextbooks.  Currently, Bible, Science, History, and some Math will be in the eTextbook format. English, Math, Speech, and other electives will still have a standard textbook. While there are many advantages and benefits of using eTextbooks, families may still purchase at their own expense the printed textbooks to accompany the eTextbook.  Most of our textbooks are purchased through BJU Press and Abeka and can be purchased online.  We can help if necessary.

Chromebooks FAQ

Acceptable Use Policy

Care and Usage Policy

Chromebook Insurance Policy

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