From the Desk of Mr. Weldon – December 2021

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Dear BBCS Family,

Thank you all for being a part of the Berean family. We are so thankful for the opportunity to serve you this Christmas Season. I would like to ask that you read through this letter to stay up to date on a few important events in the next few weeks. 

Progress Reports

Progress reports will go out next week.  Some students may be given a paper copy by their teachers, but all progress reports will be emailed.  The progress report will look like a report card and will only contain the grade itself.  Log into FACTS to look at the details of each student’s classes and assignments. We encourage parents to reach out to teachers with any concerns or questions about grades and assignments. 

2021 Christmas Programs

Preschool Christmas Program

Friday, December 3, 2021, at 7 PM in-person and streamed live on our Facebook Page @7 PM 

1st-12th Grade Christmas Program 

Friday, December 10, 2021, at 7 PM in-person and streamed live on our Facebook Page @7 PM 

Dress Code for 1st-12th Grade Christmas Program

Formal Attire (page 36 of the Parent/Student Handbook)

Formal Attire is generally in use for school programs, picture days, and other formal school events. 

Boys Formal Attire: “Sunday Best” – Dress Pants, Dress Shirt and Tie


Dress pants should be worn. No denim is allowed.


Button up dress shirts with a collar should be worn. Dress shirts do not need to be white. However, if the dress shirt is white, the undershirt must be all white without writing or design. Dressy sweaters, suit coats, and sports coats are welcome.


Belts must be worn. Ties are optional but encouraged for Preschool boys. Ties are required for 1st-5th boys, but if you cannot get one in time for the program, please let me know. Ties are required for 6th-12th grade boys. They wear them every week for chapel. 


Dress shoes are required. Athletic, casual, and canvas shoes will NOT be allowed. Boys dress shoes should hold a shine. Dressy boots may be worn if clean and polished.

Girls Formal Attire: “Sunday Best”- Dressy Skirt/Shirt combination or A Nice Dress


Hemline MUST come to the middle of the knee or longer when standing or sitting. No denim skirts are allowed. If a knee-length skirt has a slit it can be no higher than 3 inches.


Proper undergarments must be worn. No denim shirts or jackets. No sheer or see-through shirts may be worn. Neckline cannot be lower than three fingers from the hollow of the neck. Sleeveless shirts can ONLY be worn UNDERNEATH a sweater.


Hemline MUST come to the middle of the knee or longer when standing or sitting. No denim dresses may be worn. Sleeveless dresses can ONLY be worn UNDERNEATH a sweater.


Dress shoes are required. Athletic, casual, and canvas shoes will NOT be allowed. Dressy boots may be worn if clean.

Photo (Video) Consent

As part of the enrollment papers at the start of school this year you either gave or did not give BBCS permission to use your child’s picture. We are assuming that the answer that you gave in enrollment will apply to the Christmas programs this year. We stream our program to Facebook and names are not shared online. The video will be viewable to anyone who visits our Facebook page. If you did give us permission, but you do not want their picture used for this program just let us know. If you have any questions or if you can’t remember if you gave us permission or not, call the school office or send us an email. 

BBCS Teacher’s Christmas Gift Fund

Each year at our Christmas Programs we hold an offering for friends and family to donate to the teachers of BBCS. We use this money along with a donation from Berean Baptist Church to help give our teachers a Christmas Bonus. With the changes we have made this year, we think our teachers are well-deserving of a generous Christmas Bonus. We do not want to make anyone feel obligated to give but rather wanted to make it available for those who like to give online. If you would like to donate to the teachers of BBCS, you may do so by visiting and choose the “Berean Christian School” fund through Berean Baptist Church. 

Bake Sale and Poinsettia Sale

After the Preschool Christmas Program, Mrs. Wood will be in the foyer for those who would like to purchase a poinsettia to support the Junior and Senior Classes.

After the 1st-12th Christmas Program, the Junior and Senior Classes will be holding a Bake Sale in the Cafeteria. Both fundraisers are for their Senior Trips.

Christmas Parties & Dress Up Day

Christmas Parties are always a highlight of the school year. Friday, December 17 will be the last day of school in the year 2021. This will be a day of Christmas parties and activities. Teachers will share more information on the times of these activities and what students are to bring. Students are encouraged to dress up for Christmas on this day. Ugly Christmas sweaters, cozy festive socks, and denim are all acceptable for this fun day.

School Resumes Wednesday, January 5, 2022

The Holiday Season is upon us!!  After this week there are only two weeks of learning before our Christmas Break begins.  We have a lot to look forward to at BBCS in the upcoming weeks, with a preschool and secondary Christmas program, class Christmas parties, and hitting the books.

Winter Weather

Winter in the Midwest is always unpredictable. We know at times that it may be necessary to close or delay because of ice, snow, or other inclement weather.  Because we are a private, Christian School made up of students from several different school districts, we have many things to consider when making a decision regarding canceling or closing school.  Here are a few things to keep in mind in regards to our cancellation/closing policies. 

  1. We do not make closing decisions based on other districts closing, but on the safety concerns of our student body and families. 
  2. When a closing occurs, the three major local TV stations are notified:  23 WIFR, 13 WREX and 17 WTVO
  3. An email will be sent by the school office with cancellation notifications.
  4. The two methods mentioned previously are how the school communicates a school closing or cancellation.  BBCS teachers may reach out to their own students’ parents individually, but this is not to be expected.
  5. When school is canceled, all daycare and after school activities are also canceled.

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