From the Desk of Mrs. Williams – December 2019

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Dear Parents,

The Holiday Season is upon us!! We will break for Thanksgiving and return for three weeks of school before our Christmas Break begins. We have a lot to look forward to at BBCS in the upcoming weeks, with preschool and secondary Christmas programs, class Christmas parties, many basketball games, caroling and musical performances, and most importantly three weeks of hitting the books.

The month of December is just around the corner, bringing to a close the year 2019! As we look at our calendars here at Berean Baptist Christian School, planning for the month ahead, we see a month full of events for our church and school.  

Christmas Programs

We start our month with Christmas Programs! Our dedicated preschool teachers have put together a spectacular program entitled “Christmas Lights” which will be on Thursday, December 5th, at 7:00 p.m. This special program will feature many songs and Scripture recitations. The Senior Class will be serving refreshments after the program to raise money for their Senior Trip.

Our 1st – 12th grade will be performing in a myriad of ways on December 12th, at 7:00 p.m. This performance will not be one that you will want to miss. You will hear many beautiful Christmas songs from all of our choirs, be delighted by presentations from our bands and handbell choir and last but not least, witness the culmination of many hours of practice and work coming together in one beautiful performance. The 8th-grade class will be serving hot chocolate and refreshments after the program to raise money for their 8th-grade promotion in May.  

As is our tradition, we will be taking an offering at each of our Christmas Programs, which will be given to our teachers for Christmas.  Our tuitions do not cover a bonus of any kind for the teachers, so the generosity of our Berean School family is much appreciated and will be such a blessing to our teachers, as we get to give back to them for their investment in our kiddos.  

Thanks for being a wonderful school, a wonderful group of families that we get to call Berean Baptist Christian School. It is a privilege to get to serve and work with you on a daily basis. We are blessed because we know Christ; we are most blessed because we can celebrate and share the story of Who He is and what He came to do for us.  

Progress Reports

Progress reports will go out next week. Some students may be given a paper copy by their teachers, but all progress reports will be emailed. This quarter we are going to send a student’s progress report for all subjects in one email from the school office, eliminating the multiple emails that may come from individual teachers. This progress report will look like a report card, and will only contain the grade itself. Login to Ren-Web to look at the details of each student’s classes and assignments. Please feel free to email or reach out to teachers with questions or concerns regarding students’ grades. BBCS teachers welcome communication with our students’ parents.

Winter Weather

Winter in the Midwest is always unpredictable. We know at times that it may be necessary to close or delay the start of school because of ice, snow or other inclement weather. Because we are a private, Christian School made up of students from NINE different school districts, we have many things to consider when making a decision regarding canceling or closing school. Here are a few things to keep in mind in regards to our cancellation/closing policies.

1. We do not make closing decisions based on other district’s closings but on the safety concerns of our student body and families.

2. When a closing occurs, the three major local TV stations are notified: 23WIFR, 13WREX and 17WTVO.

3. An email will be sent by the school office (Jennifer Tackeberry) with cancellation notifications.

4. The two methods mentioned previously is how the school communicates a school closing or cancellation. BBCS teachers may reach out to their own students’ parents individually, but this is not expected.

5. When school is canceled, all daycare and after school activities are canceled.

Happy Thanksgiving and Merry Christmas to the greatest school parents and families!

Blessed because of Jesus,

Mrs. Williams

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