From the Desk of Mrs. Williams – October 2018

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Each month in our newsletter, my goal is to put uniform reminders and helps in your hands to assist our families.  This month I want to point out a couple things that you may not know about the boys’ pants.

  1. Schoolbelles stands behind their pants, and if there is any problem with them, they will take them back and get you another pair.  The knee replacement has a certain length of time in which they will replace them. If you have other issues, like ripped seams, they will replace them. This information was just relayed to me from our sales representative, Sandy Bruton. (  She is very helpful and is available to answer any questions that you might have.
  2. Looking ahead to November 1, boys in Jr. High and High School will need to have a sweater vest or sweater for chapel; girls must have a sweater. They are only required to wear these on chapel days and are worn through the end of Spring break.  Go to and use our school code S2682 for online shopping.
  3. I just received two boxes of uniform pants to use for sizing. I am working on setting up an area where these are accessible at any time and available for fitting to your child. Anyone is welcome to use the samples; just call or message to arrange a time.  Jumpers and skirts are also available for this purpose.
  4. As cooler weather approaches, remember girls leggings and tights are permissible and welcomed, but should be solid in color and match the uniform.

Thanks BBCS parents! You’re the best!!!

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