Spirit Week – November 15-20, 2021

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Non-Homeroom & Non-Office Faculty (11)K3 (9)
K4 (22)K5 (10)
2nd Grade (9)1st Grade (16)
4th Grade (15)3rd Grade (13)
6th Grade (14)5th Grade (6)
8th Grade (14)7th Grade (14)
10th Grade (6)9th Grade (15)
12th Grade (2)11th Grade (11)
Church Office Staff (1)School Office Staff (1)
Total (94)Total (95)

Points for Decorating

Classes will decorate their assigned area and/or banner and will get points after being judged. In each category the following points will be given:

  • 1st place – 150,000 
  • 2nd place – 100,000 
  • 3rd Place – 75,000 
  • 4th & 5th Place – 50,000

*All banner designs must be approved by Monday, November 15, by Mr. Weldon.

*All banners and areas must be ready for judging before church, Wednesday night, November 17th.

*Students are allowed to work on their decorations after school with teacher supervision.

*Teachers are allowed to help with decorations.

Points for Dressing Up

Students and teachers who dress up will earn points for their team. Points for dress up will be based on the percentage of participation in each class. 100% participation for the day will earn 100,000 points. 50% participation will earn 50,000 points for the day. Bonus points may be given for those who go all in for the day.

Monday, November 15th: Work Day
Students will dress up as if they were working their dream job. Examples would be a Firefighter, Police Officer, Doctor, etc. You may not use face paint nor hair coloring on this day.
Tuesday, November 16th: Hat Day 
Students will pick their favorite hat or wear all the hats they own on this day. You may go all in and wear a full outfit that goes with your hat choice. For instance, wearing construction gear with a hard hat. No face paint nor hair coloring will be allowed on this day.
Wednesday, November 17th: Patriotic Day
Students are encouraged to dress up in patriotic apparel. Dress up to show how much you love America. This day is to show your patriotism and not politics. It is all about America. Face paint and hair coloring are allowed but must be put on at home. All face paint and hair coloring must be either Red, White, or Blue.
Thursday, November 18th: Maroon vs. Silver Day
Students on this day will dress all out in their team colors. Face paint is allowed on this day but no hair coloring. All face paint must be put on at home. 

*Denim is allowed if dressing up for the day, but shorts are not allowed. (Boys pants, Girls skirts)

*Face Paint/Hair Coloring are only allowed on the days specified above, and MUST be put on AT HOME. 

*All school dress code guidelines are still in effect for Spirit Week. 

*If you choose not to dress up, you must wear your school uniform that day.

*Participants must wear their outfit the entire day. 

*Any student not in proper apparel will be asked to change.

Points for Attending After-School Tournament Games

Students and teachers who attend or play in Kingsmen basketball games after school hours will earn points for their team IF they sign in at the gate.

Friday, November 19th: All-In Day
This day students will be decked out in their Kingsmen Spirit Wear! You may not wear face paint or color your hair. We will be able to support our Kingsmen basketball teams on this day. Points are given for attending after- school Kingsmen games. 
Saturday, November 20th: Back-the-Kingsmen Day
Be sure to come out and support our Kingsmen on this day. All who attend the games will earn points for their team by signing in at the entrance. Try your best to come out and show your school spirit! 

*Students must sign in for themselves and cannot sign in for someone else. 

*Each game has a separate sign-in sheet. 

*Sign-in must take place during the game or warmup, NOT the day before or after;  NOT the game before or after. 

Points may be deducted for violating Decorating, Dress up or Attendance rules.

Every tournament that we host can not be put on without help from staff, parents, and church members.

Please consider helping out in one of the following areas. If you have any questions, please give us a call at 815-962-4841.

To sign up to help, please sign up for a time using the Sign-Up Genius link provided next to the area you can help.

Person to contact for QuestionsSign-Up Link
Mr. Beecher WilliamsSign up for SCORE TABLE - CLOCK
Mr. Beecher WilliamsSign up for SCORE TABLE - BOOK
Mr. Beecher WilliamsSign up for GATE TABLE
Mr. Beecher WilliamsSign up for CLEANUP after the championship
Mrs. Dawn KahleSign up for CONCESSIONS
Mrs. Paola TouchstoneSign up to DONATE FOOD

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